Black Garlic Whisky Smoked Salt


These whiskey-smoked salts come from an environmentally-focused producer in the west of Scotland, who invest in carbon-offsetting new foresting in the west of Scotland.

The multi-award-winning triple-filtered Atlantic Sea salt is smoked using whisky cask oak sourced from Scottish distilleries.

It has a distinct mineral profile, sea-fresh purity, and is free from preservatives.

The wood used in the smokehouse started life as an ancient American Oak tree. Each cask was then charred on the inside and used in Bourbon production, before being recycled and shipped to one of Scotland’s world-famous distilleries.

Casks that have reached the end of their life in whisky production are rescued and used in the smoker.

The light crystal flakes are perfect for absorbing all the warmth and sweetness of the smoky aromas, to produce a Whiskey Smoked Black Garlic Salt and a Whiskey Smoked Chilli Salt.

  • Artisan producer from Scotland

  • Triple filtered, small batch Atlantic salt

  • Free from preservatives

  • Unique sea salt smoked using aged whisky casks from Scottish distilleries

  • Great Taste Awards winner 3 Stars (Black garlic salt)