6 Litre Compostable Caddy Bags - 30 Pack


🌍100% COMPOST FRIENDLY CADDY BAGS: Eco Green Living caddy bags and liners are made from corn starch so they will turn to compost in months, not lifetimes. Unrecycled plastic creates nearly 730,000 tons of garbage every year that takes centuries to break down. Because these bags are breathable, they allow moisture into organic food waste to help speed up degradation.

🌍EXTRA DURABLE: Our caddy bags match other top brands for holding heavy trash, but without any of the ecological waste! Strengthened & lightweight, our garbage bags are 17 microns thick and are completely compost friendly. They are suitable for 6L caddies. There are 120 bags in total.

🌍PLANT-BASED: Corn starch is actually a polymer but we only see it in powdered form. When you apply just the right amount of heat and water, the particles bond to themselves and you have all-natural plastic! Our bin liners and caddy bags are certified EN13432 and ASTM D6400 standards and contain no microplastics.